Welcome to N.I.S.E SecureCare

N.I.S.E SecureCare are committed to providing bespoke security services to specialist sectors throughout the UK. Our aim is to be a high class service provider to all our customers and by working with our key stakeholders ensure that we create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Putting customers first is a paramount value to us and we constantly strive – under-pinned by our commitment to ISO 9001 – to deliver outstanding customer service to all our customers, with no exceptions!

Our Mission

  • To protect people and properties – giving them the confidence to know they are in ‘Safe Hands’ by creating a secure environment

Our Values

  • Customers first – no exceptions
  • Collaboration-maximising all business relationships
  • Committing to truth and transparency with everyone
  • Respect – providing confidentiality and politeness to all
  • I will policy –Committing the highest integrity and professionalism